[SPOILER] Arrives On This Weeks DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

We knew he was coming back, we just didn’t know when and where. It was recently confirmed that the Black Flash who is in the comics is a grim reaper for speedsters of sorts in the comic would be returning to the DC TV Universe, he is part of the “time wraiths” a group of individuals who punish time travelers for creating aberrations.
While it was widely speculated that he would return to The Flash, it was confirmed that he would instead be coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow although his motifs seemed unclear as to why at first glance, but upon closer inspection it is not hard to see why he is coming to Legends.

Note this article may contain possible SPOILERS as to why Black Flash has shown up on Legends.


His appearance is tied to, once could imagine as to why Eobard Thawne hasn’t  been around much in the first half of the season. Eobard could be running from something.

What is he running from you may ask? Well time…. or more specifically, the Black Flash..

If you cast your mind back to Thawne’s death at the end of the first season of The Flash, it wasn’t a traditional tv show death. He himself didn’t die, rather instead, he was wiped from existence by the death of Eddie Thawne, his ancestor.

Him being apart of this season of Legends makes him a time aberration which means that the Black Flash could be gunning for him as he is supposed to be death.

Separated from the time wraiths, it’s unclear what exactly the Black Flash’s endgame is, why he is here, and what exactly he plans to do, while Eobard’s is simple, he wants to rewrite history to make himself no longer a target, to get the time wraiths or Black Flash off his back.


This weeks episode of Legends we get to see the Legion of Doom finally come together as a team to face the Black Flash in what appears to be a nice nod to Jurassic Park.

That surely won’t be the last either the viewers or the Legion of Doom sees of the Black Flash (who was created  when time wraiths caught and tore apart Zoom at the end of The Flash‘s second season). How much of Black Flash will we see? What exactly are his intentions? At this point its hard to tell, but it is certainly going to make the second half of the season a lot more interesting.


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