Patriot’s Day (Review)

Ahead of it’s recent release, we got to check out the latest re-teaming of director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg as they tackled the true story of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.

Ultimate tragedy strikes on April 15, 2013, when two bombs explode during the annual sporting event: Boston Marathon. In the aftermath of the tragic attack, police Sgt. Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg – Lone Survivor), FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon – Footloose) and Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman – 10 Cloverfield Lane) join many courageous and bold survivors, first responders and other investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the suspects and bring them to justice.


As said before, Patriots Day sees Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg rejoin for a third ‘average joe turned hero’ outing after fan favourites Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon and it seems their latest is a impressive tackle to the finish line.

Patriot’s Day was always going to be criticized for depicting a very hard story some would find hard to chew, but we feel that they have proved the naysayers absolutely wrong. Patriot’s Day is a very respectful and honest representation of the events that took place while emphasizing on the most important aspect: the characters.


Mark Wahlberg plays average cop Tommy who is the main focus of the feature. Wahlberg really shows his true passion for the project as it reigns high throughout every scene, especially in his concluding monologue. His passion is a delight to watch as he proves himself top of his league. Not only is he the one playing ball, but, veteran actors Kevin Bacon, John Goodman and J.K Simmons add utter power to the project as their acting chops very much prove to us that the real people wanted to do what was right at the time.

The four actors really brought an elegant yet sternly real portrayal which came across as very human and not over acted in the slightest.


Director Peter Berg handles the story with careful power. Making sure to show every aspect of the events from the dark planning of the terrorist brothers to the happy life of an everyday young rookie cop and spectators caught in the blast. His direction is sublime as he really writes the rights of the characters and lets us feel how they felt in some incredible mix of real footage and well choreographed vivid explosive set pieces.

This film is incredibly tense as the lead up to those faithful moments play out in an uneasy trance which suddenly turns into utter carnage. But, director Berg does not over saturate the screen with blood and gore. This is very much a character piece which he has very impressively depicted what one community can do when evil tries to tear them apart.


Michelle Monaghan ( Mission: Impossible 3) also gives a harrowingly quiet performance as Wahlbergs wife. Her scenes bring the viewer back to earth by almost giving us a reality check and really making us think of everything we hold so close in the darkest moments. Their scenes, although minimal are very true and life like to watch on the screen.

Patriot’s Day is an incredibly respectful tense story telling the true events from the eyes of those who wanted to help fight for the light when it was going dim. It is a very heartfelt letter to the people affected and to Boston as a community, obviously you can’t please everyone when releasing such a dramatic story but from us, it really is one of this years great so far and might just be Mark Wahlbergs best performance thus far in his career.




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