Kong: Skull Island (Review)

This weekend we finally got to check out this years Monster romp now the real question did we go ape for it by the end?

Kong: Skull Island is part homage-reboot and based in the same universe as 2014s Godzilla and see a group of scientists with a post Vietnam military babysitting them as they venture to the infamous Skull Island.

Kong: Skull Island is truly filled with an incredible C.V of top notch acting. Thrown into the mix is Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly and Samuel L. Jackson as they bite off more than they can really chew in this OTT thrill ride.

Kong: Skull Island is nothing short of a monstrous (literally..obvs) mix of wacky CGI fun and a switch off the brain story, but we mean that in a compliment. When the action hits, it hits. Not holding back on some very violent scenes that would push any PG-13 rating. We are thrown straight into the mixing bowl and spat back out as the action is awesomely entertaining and this is the ultimately highlight of this revamp.

Although there is a few times where the CGI goes a little downhill and took us straight out of the scenes for a moment or two.


Of course we need some characters to have fun in the action set pieces and mind you they do, all our A-Listers seem to have an absolute blast on screen, especially Sam Jackson who isnt shy from blurting out a fun Jurassic Park easter egg or an odd Motherf***er or two.
Sadly though, thats where it stops, some of the characters are very one dimensional and have nothing there for us ultimately to make us care. At the end of the day, you know going in that not everyone is gonna make it but by the time blood starts spilling we felt that we ddin’t really bat an eye at some of the more vicious deaths put to the screen.

Now, lets talk about our (massive star); Kong. He steals the show, hands down… when he’s on the screen. Yep, it seems like he was out and about for most of the film BUT when he eventually arrived he gave it hell. This is Kong like you have never seen him before. Means as hell and not taking no for an answer. A great little representation and we are looking forward to where they go with one of the most famous movie monsters.


Kong: Skull Island, wont win any awards but we bet it’ll win the hearts of fans across the Globe, its a flawed action packed mess but take the two hour run time as you please – stuff your face with over priced popcorn and enjoy the thrill.

(2.9/5) – nerd out!


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