Mission: Impossible 6 Adds A ‘Super’ Cast Member!

If that caption wasn’t intriguing enough, director Christopher McQuarrie has smartly broke the news that he and Tom Cruise have gotten there hands on some major casting who is no stranger to wear a cape.

Ahead of production which begins this year, the 6th installment of the Spy franchise which pans over two decades has seen Tom Cruise’ character Ethan Hunt, scale the tallest building, go toe to toe in daring knife battles and hang off the side of a plane, but will he meet his greatest match the 6th time out the gate?

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie who took the reigns on arguable the best of the franchise will return for the next installment, which is a change as each mission has paired Cruise with different talent, but hey we don’t mind the change because their buddy relationship is one for the Hollywood books. That being said, theere may be a new ‘buddy’ relationship a brewing: McQuarrie broke the casting news through his Instagram account which sees the director standing in front of what could (possibly) be a setting for the next mission.

Yes, you read that right, the Man of Steel himself is joining Cruise and the IMF team for the latest chapter! How cool is that? This isn’t the first time Cavill has dawned the spy shades, as he was last in 2015s Man From U.N.C.L.E which (funny enough) Cruise himself apparently turned down. Cavill then responded with a great little tongue in cheek post:

If that wasn’t cool enough, it sounds like Rebecca Ferguson will be reprising her role also and that is utter music to our nerdy ears as she really was an absolute standout in Rogue Nation.


Also, the Netflix’ Vanessa Kirby has signed on for a lead role. Kirby—who plays Queen Elizabeth’s sister on the British historical drama ‘The Crown’ will (from what we hear) play a major role in this next outing!


No major plot details have surfaces as of yet, but we do know that shooting is scheduled to begin this Summer with a 2018 released eyed up! What do you think of the casting? Too hot to handle?



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