The Flash To Face A Different Type Of Villain In Season 4!

For fans of the CW Network’s The Flash TV series, you have grown accustom to Barry Allen aka The Flash facing off against fellow speedsters throughout the seasons. In season 1 he faced off against The Reverse Flash, season 2 seen him face off against Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom and in the current season he is gearing up to face off against Savitar.

That’s about to change in the fourth season according to show runner Andrew Keinsberg. The show is set to shake things up with Barry’s next foe. According to Kreisberg, the next Flash villain won’t be a fellow speedster, which is certain to mix things up for Barry and co.

“Next season we’re not going to have a speedster,” is what he said during a recent interview with some the cast from CW network shows at Paleyfest. While this means that Barry’s main foe won’t have the speedforce in common with him, it does not rule out the prospect of other minor speedster villains showing up throughout the fourth season.

The first two seasons of The Flash have celebrated Barry’s special abilities, whereas the current season focuses on the downside of Barry’s powers. The ongoing theme in this season is that Barry isn’t fast enough to protect Iris from Savitar and that he is willing to anything he can to save her.

How will facing a foe who isn’t a speedster affect Barry? Who will this new mystery foe be, at the moment it is hard to tell. If the first two season’s highlight Barry’s powers, will the fourth season continue in the same manor as the third and show the downside of them again? Sadly we’ll have to wait until next season for the answers to those questions. It’ll certainly be interesting though to see what direction the fourth season takes the show.



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