Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 To Add New Characters

Legends of Tomorrow has hit the ground running in Season 2, the first season of the show was slow to start, but the second season is firing on all cylanders. With the second season nearing its end, many are wondering where the show will go with season 3 and if the team will remain the same.

We know the end of the firt season that the show is not afraid to change the team up with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold sacrificing himself to save the team along with Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl and Carter Hall/Hawkman leaving and establishing the Justice Society of America. What fans are trying to figure out now is what new characters and plot points will the seaosn 2 finale tease if any. Word coming from one of the shows executive producers Phil Klemmer is that the third season is not set in stone yet but they will be introducing new characters into the mix in season 3.

Klemmer recently spoke with ComicBookResources and had the following to say:

“We haven’t fully pitched it, but we’ve got great ideas, and hopefully the studio and network agree. But so much of the show is working well this year. You just want to play to your strengths, and keep having fun.”

He also praised the flow of the show and its fun nature when its looked at interms of todays social climate:

“In a weird way, it became the show that I think people really needed in this past year — at least it’s what I needed. When you’re writing an episode, it’s pure escapism. You can do anything you want. ‘The Right Stuff’ is my favorite movie, and last week I had an episode about the Apollo space program. Where else would I have been able to do that?”


Fans are hoping for some form of tease as to where season 3 will go in the upcoming season finale, but accroding to Kremmer fans should expect major changes to take place at the start of seaosn 3 rather than the end of season 2:

“Season one, the pilot sends you on this course. It’s like an ocean tanker — you’re not able to just flip it around. So what really helps is being able to do a clean restart. That’s something we intend to do next season, because it worked so well this past season.”

The uniqueness of the show is a huge postitive for it as it allows the temas to be constantly changed as characters can drop in and out of the team. This allows for a multitude of different characters from the DCTV universe to be brought into the fray even for something as small as a brief cameo. They have the option there to do so.


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