House of Cards Season 5 Trailer Released!

Netflix have given fans a gift, they have released a trailer for season 5 of House of Cards, its first Netflix Original Series that took the world by storm.

The trailer provides many interesting shots from the next season of Netflix’s first original series and gives us so much more information than what we have previously been given. It sees President Frank Underwood giving a monologue over the trailer, revealing that he plans to become president indefinitely and unite one nation under Underwood.

Set in the modern day, House of Cards has followed Frank Underwood as rose from being the Democratic representative from South Carolina’s 5th District and House Majority Whip to become Vice President of the United States and now President of the United States. Each season has slowly followed his rise to power with this new season set to continue that trend.

House of Cards Season 5 will see Underwood running for reelection with his wife as his running mate. His opponent is Republican Governor Will Conway of New York who was introduced to fans last season but was revealed to have a had at least one previous encounter with the Underwoods. It will be interesting to see if the new season elaborates on this previous encounter as given the shows nature, fans know it will be a dramatic encounter.

House of Cards Season 5 star Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Neve Campbell, Derek Cecil, Patricia Clarkson, Dominique McElligott, Paul Sparks, Boris McGiver, Joel Kinnaman, and Campbell Scott.

House of Cards Season 5 premieres on Netflix on May 30.


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