What Does The Flash Season 3 Finale Mean For The Show’s Fourth Season?

The CW Network wrapped up season 3 of The Flash in a big way. After months of dramatic moments and revelations, it was finally time to see if Barry and the team could finally over come the evil Savitar following the events from the previous episode.














With Savitar killing Iris West in last weeks episode the question of whether Barry and the team could stop Savitar was a huge question going into the season finale, and the question of how would they stop him was a larger question. The season 3 finale answered those questions in a big way and as always posed some bigger questions for the show going forward.

In the season finale Barry and the team, with the help of Jay Garrick and Killer Frost/Kaitlin Snow and Gypsy defeat Savitar, but not without a few sacrifices. One of the team members sacrifices themselves to right a wrong and it the closing moments of the episode Barry himself makes a huge choice that plunges season 4 into peril.


The team with the help of the speed force cannon (which had been modified by Cisco) free Jay Garrick from the speed force prison allowing him to come and help the team. However by doing that and killing Savitar they created a massive problem, the speed force no longer had a speedster trapped in its prison in order to keep it stable. It started spewing unstable energy onto Central City and would have spread worldwide if another speedster didn’t take Jay Garrick or Savitars spot.

Barry volunteers himself to go take that place as he is the route of all the problems throughout season 3 when he created Flashpoint. His mother appears from the speed force and informs the team that Barry has “run has last race” and that his race was finished. The episode ends with the team lamenting the loss of Barry having just watched him enter the speed force with his mother.

The big question this raises is how will this impact the fourth season of the show? How will the team rescue Barry? How will the season villain play into this? At this point it is hard to tell, especially with The Flash, as just when you think you have it worked out, the show throws a curve ball at you. With the CW Network planning the crossover between Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow earlier with the shows up coming seasons, one would hazard a guess as to the crossover episodes being used as way for the team to get Barry out of the speed force, then again, that could be totally wrong it is just a hunch.

One thing is for sure, the fourth season of The Flash will be eagerly awaited as fans will be dying to see how it plays out.



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