Casting Call: DC Extended Universe

With the positive Wonder Woman reviews sparking a renewed hope for the DC Extended Universe we decided to take a look at some DC Characters who we’d love to see join the fold at some point in the future, and who we would like to see playing them!

Nightwing/Dick Grayson – Zack Efron

Sure, many people will remember Zack Efron from his time as the lead in Disney’s High School Musical franchise, but the ex-House of Mouse role model has come along way since then. While he has become sort of typecast in roles like Bad Neighbours and even Baywatch to some extent, the latter showed (despite it being a bit shit…) that he potentially has the chops to take on the ever witty and athletic Dick Grayson.

With Ben Affleck’s Batman being one who’s been around a fair bit of time, it makes sense that Dick Grayson would have already done his stint as the Boy Wonder and gone on to Bludhaven for a fresh start. Aside from being Batman’s second in command, the Batgirl movie provides perfect precedent to introduce Nightwing to the DCEU without having to find a place for him within a Batman movie.

Red Hood/Jason Todd – Taron Egerton

Light side, Dark side, Yin, Yang, Black, White. If you’re going to include Nightwing then you have to include his almost polar opposite, Jason Todd aka Red Hood. Of course, every DC fan has already seen the hints towards the second Robin’s existence and subsequent death in the DCEU so introducing him won’t take too much apart from finding the right plot poi…. JUST DO UNDER THE RED HOOD DAMMIT!!!

In Kingsmen: Secret Service‘s Taron Egerton, we believe is the perfect Jason Todd. Someone who is not too far off in terms of age etc. to Nightwing and has all the traits of a Robin, but has the capability to be a bit more ruthless and let’s be honest… murderous. But it would also give Egerton a chance to flex himself by playing a character who has literally been tortured, physically and mentally, and display a level of intensity that would be required for Jason Todd.

Honourable mention: Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles would also be atop many people’s lists having voiced the character in the Under The Red Hood adaptation.

Batgirl – Rose Leslie

While many would expect Emma Stone’s name to appear here, and even Jena Malone’s until her cameo in BvS WASN’T as Barbara Gordon, Joss Whedon has stated that his Batgirl may not be one who is already a household name. We can’t just put “Rookie Actress” as our choice on a desired casting list, oh no – so, step up Rose Leslie aka Ygritte the Wildling from Game of Thrones.

Ms. Leslie already looks the part of Barbara Gordon (although this a source material bonus rather than a requirement) and her role in Game of Thrones showed her to be a proper badass yet with a certain vulnerability & kindness. Looking at Whedon’s words, while Game of Thrones is the biggest thing on TV since Glenroe*, Rose Leslie isn’t a name in the same vein as Emma Stone & co. So you could say argue that an actress with some large production experience but not a complete new comer might well be a perfect fit for Whedon’s vision. Or he could cast his old Buffy/Firefly pals Sarah Michelle Gellar or Summer Glau…

*90’s Irish Sitcom. Pure filth and scandal.

Poison Ivy – Charlize Theron

Now that we have a Batman movie mythos that contains both The Joker & Harley Quinn and a Gotham City Sirens movie on the cards too, many will be clamouring for the inclusion of Poison Ivy at some point in the DCEU timeline. Ivy is a character that is vital to the comic book history of Harley Quinn and one of the big guns in Batman’s Rogues gallery – and Charlize Theron is the perfect actress to do Pamela Isley proper justice on the big screen.

With roles in Mad Max: Fury Road & Fast & Furious 8 among others, Theron has sealed herself a spot on the shortlist for a female Expendables movie if it ever happens. However, there is one particular stellar moment that for us puts her ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to choosing the perfect Poison Ivy. Ivy as we usually see her is quite the seductress. Vindictive, but with an allure that nobody can resist. All we need to do is point to the scene in F&F8 where she kisses Dom in front of Letty, imagine she’s covered in green and kissing Harley in front of The Joker/Batman in front of Catwoman and try to tell us that Charlize Theron isn’t an ideal Poison Ivy.

Green Arrow – Ryan Gosling

Most people’s idea of Green Arrow has now been formed by the CW Stephen Amell version of the character. While we’re big fans of Arrow, we have to admit that it is essentially TV’s Batman in terms of dark and broody, which is something that is not usually associated with the Green Arrow. Comic Book GA fans would be much more acquainted with a wise cracking Robin Hood type who has a trick arrow for every necessary situation. If you also factor in that he is a regular member of the Justice League and Black Canary would be an ideal candidate for a role in Gotham City Sirens, it is only a matter of time before he at least gets a name drop.

Step up, Ryan Gosling. In Gosling, we could potentially have a Green Arrow who is of a much lighter tone than what we have seen from both Arrow and the DCEU at large thus far (We’re looking at you Sad Ben Affleck) but one who cannot rely on the same physical prowess as some of his compatriots. We’re not saying he cannot handle himself in hand to hand combat, but when you’re standing beside Wonder Woman, Superman & The Flash, you have to pick your battles. With Gosling’s acting skills and a character portrayed as a wise cracking, free running, archery god, we could have the perfect DCEU Green Arrow who wouldn’t necessarily take away from what the CW & Stephen Amell are doing.

Black Canary – Evan Rachel Wood

For very great Green Arrow, there’s a strong Black Canary behind him. One of the failings for many Comic Book fans of the Arrow series is the treatment of the Canary character. Sara was great – Dead (then alive again). Laurel was coming into her own – Dead (and brought back via evil Doppelganger) & Dinah Drake has only just been introduced. With a DCEU version of the character, not only could she come into play along side Oliver Queen, but she could play a very strong role within the Gotham City Sirens or Batgirl movies and perhaps get the spotlight she thoroughly deserves for being an absolute badass!

In Evan Rachel Wood, we may well have the perfect Black Canary. The Westworld star has shown great flexibility throughout the highly rated series from being gentle country girl to deadly robotic killing machine in Dolores. Mix this gentleness with the capability to break necks, thrown in a bit of wit and a black leather jacket and you could rip Dolores straight out of Westworld and pop her right into Gotham City-world with absolute ease!

Green Lantern Corps – Nathan Fillion (Hal Jordan), Idris Elba ( John Stewart), Sinestro (Luke Evans), Jessica Cruz (Michelle Rodriguez)

Seen as we’re supposedly not just getting a Green Lantern movie, but an entire Green Lantern CORPS movie we thought it would be rude to focus on Hal Jordan & John Stewart only. Without getting into too much detail on each particular choice, we feel that Nathan Fillion would make a greater older Hal Jordan with Idris Elba providing the other half of a leadership duo. Jordan, the experienced Lantern who is a bit of a rogue while Stewart the straight shooter who likes to play by the rules. Luke Evans as Sinestro on the side of the Corps before taking the Yellow Ring and becoming a force to be reckoned with across more than one movie and Michelle Rodriguez doing what she has done best across the Fast & Furious franchise would also be brilliant additions. There’s also plenty of scope to throw in Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz and a whole host of supporting Lanterns including CGI/Voice characters like Kilowog.

The bigger challenge of course is introducing the Lanterns however we still expect we MIGHT get one Lantern in the Justice League movie, either as an unannounced team member/cameo/end credits scene. A great suggestion (and one that aids to Fillion’s casting) by the Weekly Planet Podcast recently would have an older Hal Jordan come back to Earth after spending some time defending space and wondering what the hell has been happening on Earth.

Reverse Flash – Damien Lewis

With The Flash movie slated for release… we use the word release loosely as it is kinda stuck in development hell… one would expect that the Reverse Flash is guaranteed to make an appearance as the main villain in the first movie. Sure, it would be repeating what has happened on The Flash CW show which has a GREAT Eobard Thawne in Matt Letscher, but Barry’s greatest enemy cannot be left out.

While Lewis has wowed audiences with Homeland and has since moved on to Billions, it would seem that TV is his main focus right now. But, the British actor has a certain intensity about him that may well be perfect for the long harboured hatred that Eobard Thawne has for Barry Allen. He would also provide a more physically imposing villain to Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen – Sure, Reverse Flash is considered the polar opposite of The Flash, but it’s not a real Flash fight if Barry doesn’t get his ass kicked a couple of times first!

Catwoman – Ruth Negga

It wouldn’t be a Batman movie arc without an inevitable appearance from Catwoman. Setting aside the most recent comic book arc (no spoilers but WHAT THE?!), Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is a vital anti-(but mostly good thanks to a conscience) hero to Batman’s strict morals of justice. Her ability to play both sides of any conflict also makes her a great ace in the hole for a third act twist either as the betrayer of or double agent for Batman.

The Nerd Lowdown choice for Catwoman is Ireland’s own Ruth Negga. With roles in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Preacher, Negga is no stranger to a comic book role and we feel she has all the attributes to make an absolutely fantastic Catwoman. With Ben Affleck as Batman, someone with an equally as strong screen presence to go up against him is required and for us, Ruth Negga ticks all those boxes. Just like Black Canary, Batgirl & Poison Ivy, there is also plenty of potential for Negga’s Catwoman to make appearances in the likes of Gotham City Sirens & Batgirl to get plenty of audience exposure for a great character and actress!

So there’s our choices for some characters we would love to see join the DCEU. If you have any alternate suggestions or anyone you’d like to add to the list, sound off below!

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