The Mummy (Review)

Hold onto your butts as the latest monster outing plunges into cinema this week. We tagged along to check it out and what we found was something that maybe worth looking out for…

Tom Cruise stars as smart mouth Nick Morton, a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder with the help of his trusty right hand man Vail (Jake Johnson) .
When Nick and Vail come under heavy attack in the deserts of the Middle East, the ensuing action-packed battle accidentally unearths the ancient relic Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) , a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert for thousands of years. With her powers constantly evolving, Morton must now team up with the mysterious Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) to try and stop the resurrected monster, as she embarks on a furious rampage through the streets of London.

Only relating by name, to the 1999 Brendan Fraiser romp, The Mummy is the very first outing and ultimately the sandy foundations for Universal Pictures Monster Mash-Up; The Dark Universe. In which we will see the likes of The Invisible Man and Frankenstein battle it out in their very own modern adventures, but kicking off the poll and very much raising the bar in this total revamp of the epic tale of jealously, horror and adventure led under the wing of director Alex Kurtzman and obviously starring running action man himself: Tom Cruise.

Cruise, is 100% here, he is a total professional and true believer to the art of movie making. His wit, humor and awesome charisma echoes off the screen as he plays along side his co. stars (some un-dead).
His charm brought a giant nerdy grin to our faces and his comedic timing in many scenes were laugh-out-loud at times.

In a particular scene which was so incredibly gut nerving to sit through was the ‘Zero G Crash’ scene which was very much marketed to the point where we couldn’t wait to see how it played out. As  Cruise very much likes to do things practically he and Wallis took to  the skies and shot the thing for real – floating on the screen and literally grasping at straws the mere practicality of known that what we were viewing was really there and aided by some outstanding visual effects, truly added to the overall scene becoming a standout moment for the flick.

Throwing herself literally in the deep end in some scenes is the beautiful Annabelle Wallis, staging herself as a very head held high archaeologist (so we think..) type who may have a past with Nick, Wallis proves to be a worthy companion in the adventure – who adds a little fuel to the fire and may somewhat have more up her sleeve as the light dims darker in the monster universe.

Certainly grown dark with Jealously is Princess Ahmanet, played by the up and coming talented Sofia Boutella (who we saw kick ass in Kingsman: The Secret Service). Boutella transforms into the mummy as she embraced pure evil and promised the darkness that she would take back what was rightfully theirs. What we found so interesting about this take on the famous character wasn’t the fact that the role was reversed but was that we actually felt sorry for her. Yes, you can argue that the 1999 version was too upsetting because of the dying love shared between their characters, but here Boutella’s character had literally lost all hope in what she thought her life would be and was ultimately corrupted by the power of evil which in some cases meres an echo of today’s world.
Boutella is both quietly sexy but incredibly frightening as the evil character, but with more of a human side – the performance made us feel some remorse, but then again could she have been tricking us too, to believe that?

Without getting into some spoiler territory, Russell Crowe appears in a more minor role but with some very high significance that will surely play out in the monster world in movies to come. Himself and Cruise share a particularly fun scene with a blink and you miss it easter egg nod to the 1999 flick.

From us, that is the word this movie deserves: fun. This is some outrageously fun stuff your face popcorn film making and what we believe Summer films should be.
Is this film scary? Straight up yes! This has some very creepy imagery that is deserved of its 15A rating. Note that this is not straight up gore, but more compelling frightening shots that have stuck with us since leaving the cinema screen, one in particular take place in the epic plane crash scene, which actually shifts the tone and made us ask if it took it too far? but looking back we feel it actually employed a more of exciting aspects which left us even more on the edge of our seat. Oh and by the way, if you aren’t a fan of rats… well… you’ll see.

The one gripe we have with The Mummy is some of the writing aspects, it felt a little jumbled at times and a little convenient for certain moments to occur, with writers David Keopp and Christopher McQuarrie thrown into the writers bowl, we feel that the vast tones of each of the writers may have muddled the story just that tiny bit but only just by maybe a grain or two.

Film Title: The Mummy
With that being said The Mummy is in our opinion a great kick start to whats sure to be a tremendous fun universe. It is filled with jaw dropping action, fun humor, A+ leads and some awesome horrortastic moments.
Will this movie win awards? Maybe not, but that is not what it is going for. What Cruise and co. have produced is some insane Summer fun (that word again!) which deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible!
So what we say is, close down Rotten Tomatoes for once, stop judging a movie on its percentage and actually go in with a fun open mind, buy the biggest bucket of popcorn and let The Mummy take you on an awesome two-hour adventure!

4/5 from us! Nerd out!


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