The Flash Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed!

The Flash season 3 ended on a cliff-hanger of sorts. We seen Barry Allen enter the speed force to stop the on-coming speed-force storm that was engulfing Central City. Now fans are clamoring for season 4 to return so they can get answers. 

Fan can rejoice in some way as the title for the season 4 premiere has been revealed on Twitter. Over on the Flash Office Twitter page, a picture was tweeted that revealed the title for the next episode of The Flash which will kick off season 4 which you can check out below.

“The Flash Reborn” is the title of the Season 4 premiere. It is an interesting title, as, at this point its hard to tell what it will imply. “The Flash Reborn” what will it entail? Only the producers in the CW Network. Will we see Wally step up as The Flash in Barry’s absence? Will we see another speedster step up out of the storm? Perhaps we may even seen Barry himself return from the speed force.

We know that the season 4 premiere will take place 6 months after the end of season 3, so the team could have been working on a way to get him in those 6 months. At this stage its all up on the air as not much has been given away about the next season.

The Flash will return to TV on October 10 at 8 p.m


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