First Trailer For Jigsaw Shown At Comic Con!

Comic Con is always the gift that keeps on going, every year its brings us nothing but trailers and movie news. With all the buzz about Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War this year, some trailers went unnoticed. Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate dropped a trailer for one of their upcoming films. 

Jigsaw is set to be the 8th installment in the Saw horror movie franchise. When they first hit cinemas the Saw films will innovative and something new. Now, this new movie, is set to release this year and it is set 10 years after the death of the infamous John Kramer aka Jigsaw.

The trailer which can be seen above is everything you’d expect from a Saw trailer, gruesome footage, Tobin Bell’s sinister voice on a tape and police investigations. Considering Kramer has been dead for 10 years it’ll be interesting to see who will be carrying on his work, it could be Dr. Lawrence who was revealed to be Jigsaws accomplice after the events of the first film, or it could be someone new entirely.

These films are always full of twists and turns so anything is a possibility when it comes to who the killer may be.

The new game begins on October 27th 2017 when the film hits cinemas.


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