Could The Skrull Be Involved In The 4th Avengers Movie?

Marvel fans are still reeling from some of the great news that dropped at Comic Con this year, from the Infinity War footage, to the Black Order to the news that Captain Marvel will include the Skrull, its a serious come down from Marvels panel. Even after all of that we still have no information about the third Avengers sequel which is due out in 2019.

The inclusion of the Skrull in 2019’s Captain Marvel is an announcement that could change the MCU forever as mass speculation as to whether some of the heroes in the MCU are already Skrull? We here at Nerd Lowdown think some of the heroes could very well be Skrull as Captain Marvel takes places before the Avengers assembled so its a high possibility.

Now, how this factors into the 4th Avengers movie is an interesting question. So we know Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990’s and that Avengers Infinity War takes place in modern day, so that leaves anywhere up to a 25 year gap between the 2 films. We know Captain Marvel is apparently not due to appear to feature in Infinity War, rather her film slots in between the Avengers sequels. So to include the Skrull in the MCU and not expect them to be part of a grander picture would be a waste.


What if Infinity War ends with a tease that some of the superheroes have been replaced by Skrull impostors? What if all along, Tony Stark or Steve Rodgers have been Skrull? For the past 3 phases of the MCU we have gotten to know impostors? Marvel could achieve this by having a major death reveal a Skrull anatomy rather than that of the fallen hero. This would set Avengers 4 up to explore that infiltration as well as the end of Thanos’ arc. While it would mean cluster another Marvel movie with more characters and story arcs, it would however set up the MCU’s next overall story arc it could be building towards.

Kevin Feige has said that the MCU would change following the end of Phase 3, he said it wouldn’t exactly follow the phases structure, and he promised the end of Phase 3 would bring around an “all change” agenda for Marvel movies going forward.

Have any other ways the MCU could use the Skrull or if they will show up in either of the Avengers sequels? let us know.


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