5 Things We Want To See On Disney’s Streaming Service!

Disney have put the fire up Netflix by announcing their own on demand streaming service and while talks continue over whether or not some Disney owned materials stay on Netflix, we’ve been pondering Disney properties we WANT to see on their service!

Star Wars Original Series

The success of Rogue One has shown how receptive people are to stories set outside (slightly, in R1’s case) of the core Star Wars saga that are outside of the core continuity… and that they’re receptive to absolutely anything Star Wars. Disney would be committing a sin if they didn’t launch their own dedicated streaming service without a massive draw and Star Wars is that draw.

What could they do? Well, we’d rip the ears off Mickey Mouse right here right now for an Old Republic set live action show. Another option could be a Band of Brothers style epic about a Rebel/Storm Trooper squadron during the wars in the original trilogy – in fact, you could two-part it and do both sides of the war. Probably the most realistic option however, would be the replacement show for Star Wars: Rebels when it ends. We know a replacement is coming, suspected to be set between Episodes VI & VII and even on an animated basis, that would be a major draw.

Mighty Ducks Original Series

Ok, we know we bang on about The Mighty Ducks an awful lot at times here at Nerd Lowdown but don’t even try tell us it wasn’t one of the greatest sports/coming of age movies of the 1990’s.

So not only would this service presumably get the original trilogy released in glorious HD, Disney could (ok, rights aside because that’s a sticky issue) use it as a platform to reboot The Mighty Ducks in either a TV show or *insert name of streaming service here* original movie.  Let us pitch you something – The Mighty Ducks x Friday Night Lights. Set up a team of rag-tag teenagers in the same vein as the original movie but with more mature themes, league politics and other young adult issues and you’ve got something we 10/10 would watch.

Black Widow & Hawkeye Movie

We all want it to happen. We all need it to happen. The question is the likelihood that it will happen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe schedule is absolutely stacked. Even after Infinity War & Avengers 4 there are at least two more Spider-Man movies as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Doctor Strange sequels/threequels. That’s not including possible Ant-Man, Captain Marvel follow ups and if any of the current core Avengers get a fourth movie. This doesn’t really leave much room for Black Widow and/or Hawkeye to get a word in (presuming they survive Infinity War).

If you were to adapt a story about what happened in Budapest (we all want to find out!) in a sort of John Wick-esque sort of low-budget spy flick and release it direct to Disney On-Demand then you may well have a hit. Strategically for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it allows them to continue stories with these characters but not have to work around the core release schedules to make it happen.

D23 Live Streams

So, we all know that D23 Expo is a pretty exclusive kind of shindig – at least if you don’t live in the US anyway. Rolling around once every two years and is now reserved as Disney’s own personal Comic-Con. They now use the Expo to announce much of what they will be doing for the next few years. Hell, they even used it as a platform to announce Captain America: Civil War instead of San Diego Comic Con!!

Live streaming events like D23 & SDCC is becoming a lot more common. People tuning in from abroad creates advertising revenue that can arguably seen as possibly even more important than ticket sales. While this wouldn’t be a big draw in the long-term, people may well be willing to part with a discounted one-off fee in exchange for access to certain panels streamed live as well as exclusive interviews with casts and creators of the properties showcased at D23 Expo.

Every Single God Damned Animated Classic

Ok, so we’re all familiar with Dinsey’s sort of generational release policy? So films come out of the vault every couple of years for home release when a new generation of people or kids are ready to buy/watch them. For example, Lion King II: Simbas Pride (TOTALLY UNDER-RATED!) was last released in 2012. It’s set for a re-release in just a couple of weeks on Blu-Ray along side Lion King & Lion King 1.5. A few others like The Black Cauldron (ok, sure, not Disney’s finest moment) have not seen a Blu-Ray release.

With a Disney on Demand service, there is absolutely no waiting years for a re-release when a new platform like Blu-Ray or 4K UHD comes onto the market. You’ll be able to get your Disney fix at any time, any where just as you can with certain films and series on Netflix at the moment. There also won’t be the risk of a poor sales market for the lesser names in the Disney Animated Classics collection like The Black Cauldron or the Three Caballeros etc. Put them up there for a monthly fee and you remove the risk.

So there you have it, that’s what we want to see on Disney’s streaming service! Anything more to add, feel free to let us know!

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