New Episode Of Futurama To Be Released… But Not As You’d Expect It!

Fans of Futurama have been longing for new episode of the show since the last ones aired back in 2013, but for so long their longing has gone un-answered, the futuristic show from Simpsons creator Matt Groening was beloved by fans, but cut short in its tv run. However, we can bring you the good news that a new episode of Futurama on the way…. sort of. 

You did not read that incorrectly, there is a new episode of Futurama on the way, but its not as you would expect it. USA Today bring us the great news that the original cast are reuniting to bring fans a new tale which will be told in the form of a radio drama which is set to drop September 44th on Nerdist and Soundcloud.

USA Today revealed a good bit of information about the upcoming radio drama which will be called “Radiorama” and that it will feature “feature characters including Fry (Billy West’s ’90s pizza guy), Leela (Katey Sagal’s one-eyed ship captain), and an appropriately-meta adversary: Klaxxon (Chris Hardwick), a nefarious life form composed entirely of soundwaves from 21st-century podcasts.”

Sadly there are no new episodes planned for the show, with the last ones having aired back in 2013 with the movie specials that were aired as separate episodes. The only new Futurama project fans were treated to was the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game which allows fans to build their own “world of tomorrow”. The show has even been taken down from Netflix so this new radio drama is the only glimmer of a new installment in the Futurama franchise that fans will be treated to for the foreseeable future by the looks of it.

It will be interesting to see how will the radio drama is received and what it will be like in terms of the store it will tell and what the die hard fans will think of it. We here at Nerd Lowdown are certainly going to be giving it a listen when it lands on September 14th.


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