Netflix/Marvel Release New Punisher Trailer

The hype train for Marvel and Netflix’s Punisher series continues to steam role forward. Plenty of little teasers and promos continue to be released but there is still no sign of a release date. Fans have been rewarded today though as a new trailer has been released.

We know that Punisher takes place exactly were Daredevil season 2 left off with Frank having survived the boat explosion. The bigger picture in all of this is that Hells Kitchen has no clue that he survived and has no idea what it has in store for it when Frank dons his classic Punisher gear and unleashes hell.

The new series will dive back into Castle’s past, showing fans the brutal moments that made the killing machine he is today. We also see in the trailer that Frank is accompanied by Karen Page, who grew to empathize a bit with Castle during Daredevil Season Two. She is set to have a significant role to play alongside MCU newcomers such as Micro, but the main focus will, of course, be on The Punisher, his tragic backstory, and the revenge he is seeking against those who killed his family (we certainly wouldn’t want to be them – Frank is coming for you).

While there is still no exact release date for the show it is set to land on Netflix over the next 2 months.


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