New Trailer For Pokemon: ‘I Choose You’ Released By The Pokemon Company!

The Pokemon Company today have given fans of their movie series a little treat. Today they released the new trailer for the English dubbed version of their upcoming Pokemon: ‘I Choose You’ movie.

The film is set to be an alternate take on one of Pokemon;s beloved tales… the day Ash first met Pikachu.  The new 90 second trailer depicts the first time Ash meets Pikachu, the hellish Spearow battle that sealed their friendship as well as some of their adventures while trying to find the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. It is interesting to note that the trailer seems to show various different Pokemon regions which differs from the original telling of the tale.

While on his adventures we see that Ash makes friends along the way including some of his beloved Pokemon such as Charmander and Butterfree, as well as coming across powerful Pokemon such as Entei and Ho-Oh. Another interesting aspect of the film is that Ash will not be joined by Misty and Brock on this adventure, rather he will be joined by Sorrel and Verity two new characters.  Ash and Pikachu also make a powerful enemy out of the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow.

This film does follow the tradition of previous Pokemon movies in that it is an ‘out of continuity’ film, it doesn’t fit in with the anime series. So fans need not be alarmed to see Ash run around with new friends in Pokemon: ‘I Choose You’, its an alternate take on an original story.

The movie is coming to select theaters on November 5, and will likely air on Disney XD at some point in late 2017 or early 2018. We here at Nerd Lowdown are looking forward to it.


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