Wind River (Review)

Letting the snow certainly settle, we recently had the opportunity to see writer/director Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western mystery thriller: Wind River.

Wind River is Sheridans third outing (behind Sicario and Hell or High Water) and sees Jeremy Renner portray Cory Lambert a wildlife officer who stumbles upon a body on an American Indian reservation in the snowy peaks of Wyoming. When the autopsy reveals a sinister plot Elizabeth Olsen’s FBI rookie Jane Banner is recruited into the investigation. Teaming up with Lambert as a guide, the duo soon find that their lives are in danger as they try to solve this mysterious death.


From the get-go, we found ourselves clenching our fists as this quiet first act thriller turned into one hell of a fast paced blizzard of immensely characters facing fearful odds. Wind River is one of the years most powerful and subtly important films that deserves the largest audience possible.

Renner submits a career best as Corey, a man with a bleak past who is driven to find out the truth in ways that may break his humanity. With minimal dialogue, the a-lister truly grew into his own and gave an array of terrific acting chops.

maxresdefault (6)

Reuniting the Avenging pair, Olsen also without a doubt proves that she is a tour de force as the young FBI agent. Seen as a newbie in the law enforcement world, she held her own against her male counterparts. She steals the scenes filled with dramatic and violent tension which echoed such performances of fellow actress Emily Blunt in Sheridan’s Sicario.

(And) that is where we feel Sheridan strives. He uses his writing ability to make the audience truly feel engrossed in each character in minimal ways. His occasional use of violence does not overshadow the story but it actually quickly propels the acts-along greatly.

A worthy mention is also the use of the environment throughout. It very much felt like an ever looming character that followed our every step. Set in the backdrop of a Siberian type winter in Wyoming, the landscape gave off a very eerie feeling of dismay and discomfort. This worked so  well that it truly added to the realism that was already felt in the very first moments.

Hugh Dillon, Elizabeth Olsen and Graham Greene star in Wind River

Based on somewhat of a true story that is in turn an incredibly depressing eye opener – Wind River has proven to be in our opinion one of the best films of 2017. We can’t recommend this feature enough.

From us it has to  be 5/5 – nerd out!



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