Avengers 4 Could Spell The End Of The Russo Brothers In The MCU!

Anyone that is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all its films know that most directors never last more than film, which the exception of James Gunn and The Russo Brothers (Anthony and Joe). The Russo’s have done some fantastic work with the MCU but their time may be up

The Russo brothers are considered huge game changers for the superhero franchise, with Captain America: Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War bringing superhero movies to a whole new level and upcoming Avengers sequels Infinity War and the unnamed fourth film sure to be just as big of game changers as their first two outings. However, their time with the MCU may sadly be coming to an end.

Josh Brolin who will be playing the MCU’s big bad, the mad titan Thanos in the upcoming Avengers sequels inadvertently let the information slip while out promoting his new movie Only the Brave.

“…I think that they’re in a position very openly and raw-ly where they’re like, ‘We would never do this again. This is a one-time deal. To put this many successful actors together is such a pain in the ass, but it’s been worth it. We’re doing two movies. One back to back, and this is it for us. Then we’ll go off in another direction,’ but this is a very, very, very ambitious project that I think is going to pay off in a big way.”

If the Russo’s do opt to leave the MCU fans will undoubtedly give them their due, by the time the fourth Avengers movie comes out the brothers will have added pulling off the biggest event films in the long history of films as well as providing several box office juggernauts so they will have earned their leave. The will leave behind a lasting impact on the MCU and have done plenty of fans proud.

Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters on May 4th, 2018; Avengers 4 (official title TBD) will be in theaters on May 3, 2019


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