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PlayersXpo Coming To Dublin This October!

We’ve said it before, the Irish convention scene keeps growing and growing. As the scene in Ireland continues to expand, thus creates more room for new players to come onto the field and 2017 will be adding another to the ranks!  Continue reading PlayersXpo Coming To Dublin This October!


Thank You Undertaker!

For 27 years one man has stood loyal to the WWE, one man has proven that give the right person a persona and he can make it his own. That man is Mark Calaway, more formally known as The Undertaker in the world of professional wrestling and last night, at Wrestlemania 33, it seems that he has said goodbye to the squared circle.  Continue reading Thank You Undertaker!

Nerd Lowdown Books Wrestlemania 33

It is gearing up towards that time of year again, WWE’s annual spectacle known as Wrestlemania, the Superbowl of the wrestling world. Rumors are flying as to what the speculated card might be, and while it does have one or two good matches on it. We here at Nerd Lowdown looking to book our own version of the show.  Continue reading Nerd Lowdown Books Wrestlemania 33

The Balor Club Is Taking Over!

In July of last year we brought you an article about an Irishman by the name of Finn Balor who was taking the wrestling world by storm. Now we bring you a follow up to that article as Balor continued to take the world of wrestling by storm, and hit the ground running on the main roster. Continue reading The Balor Club Is Taking Over!